Understanding Various Types Of Marketing Funnels

Sales and marketing funnels are packed with all relevant series of events which helps people to make a decision when purchasing. In actual sense, a sales funnel is put in a way that a potential customer has a high possibility to become a customer first then become a loyal customer. The business person makes the sales funnels in an attempt to win as many customers as possible. Therefore, what is needed is working sales funnel templates.

Below, are a couple of examples of sales funnel templates, one can easily incorporate into their business.

Various sales funnel templates

The fishbowl sales funnel

fdgdfgdfgfdggfMost businesses have used this strategy without even much knowledge of what it is or the effect it has. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most powerful, yet simple method. It involves attracting a high traffic into your business by offering free offer at the end. As the traffic builds up and makes a good lead, the client offers attractive discounts to lure as many customers as possible. Numerous confessions by the most business men indicate that this is one of the most powerful sales funnel.

Real estate sales funnel

Real estate agents use slightly different techniques to get leads and prospects. While some use the content adverts others are busy making facebook and other social media adverts and yet other are very aggressive to speak to customers on the ground. All focus is one bringing as many interested potential customers at the tip of the funnel before they introduce the other strategies. However , real estate understand that they cannot make ten pieces of sales a day and thus patience is needed. Great customer service is paramount as well.

Video sales funnel template

fdgdfgfdgdfgfdgSome products and services can only be explained better in a video. Therefore, making sure that a big traffic agrees to subscribe for a video is the biggest task. Once the leads register the video and emphasis you put can easily turn then into a prospect and then a loyal customer is you equally provide similar services.

A one-on-one coaching funnel

One on one is perhaps one of the ways to be sure that you are making an impact. The traffic is drawn to the business using the normal advertising methods. As the traffic comes, the business person opts to either make call or encourage leads to call explain about the sales and services. From here, a number is converted into customers.