Features of the best toy

Sometimes, trying to find the best toy for your child can really be overwhelming, especially with the availability of many toys and games for kids. But what actually makes a good toy? What are some of the features that make the best toy?

Here is what you should look for when buying a toy for your kid:


The company is quite involved in their subcontractor’s production line, and making sure that all pairs and materials respect security norms, pass security tests and also respects legislation. Safe toys for young children are made in such a way that there are no sharp parts and do not pinch.


Electric toys should also be ’UL Approved’. You should check the label, which indicates that the toy is approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Besides that, when you are choosing toys for children who are under age 3, you need to ensure that there are no small pieces or parts which can easily become lodged in child’s throat and can as well cause suffocation. Safety is a necessity feature of a good toy.

Creates pleasure and interest

Engaging, challenging, and encourages children to think, do, and also feel. It presents problems for solving and stimulates questions.

Fits the children age and abilities

Games are well designed to respond to specific stages of development. Games evolve with child ability, and for this reason, the games have age restrictions since they are built for a specific moment in child’s development.

Develops imagination and creativity

Most games encourage hands-on learning with 90% of the input coming from the child and 10% of the output coming from the game. The child needs to be actively involved in the game so that other features can be revealed. The game can be played in many ways depending on the child input.

Teaches a new skill or concept

Educational games for children requires a mathematical or a technical problem.


Durable and guaranteed

Doesn’t require batteries, with each new version compatible with the prior version. This optimizes the functionality of the product, and also allows it to remain relevant over time.

Visually interesting

Very attractive and well made, with very pleasing colors and shapes, sounds or features. The streamlined design is accessible and also quite conducive to functionality. A good example is the Hatchimals.

Toys that don’t meet the above qualifications is a waste of money and do little but creates clutter in your home. So choose well that toy you want to buy your kid.