Benefits of Sixth Form College

What are the benefits of sixth form college? The college focuses exclusively on post-16 education despite the historical pedigree of many traditional schools. The population of students attending the sixth form colleges has increased as a result of the new phenomenon.

The following are the benefits of sixth form college.

Adult learning environment

Compared to traditional schools, the sixth form provides an adult education environment. They typically resonate with the youth and has been a crucial driver behind the success of the sector. In fact, this is the reason for the increased speculation of students. It provides an essential stepping stone to various subject offered, conducive environment for learning, and fewer restrictions on the subject combination.


What about teachers? Well, teachers are professionals. They have developed a particular unique expertise to train students. Why? The reason being they cater for post-16 students only. In fact, sixth form college teachers focus on delivering specifications in creative and innovative manner. The specifications provided translate into the high-level outcome of the students academic.

Excellent educational outcome

Most of the sixth form colleges do not have a particular entry. Eliminating this entry boosts the educational outcome remarkably high. Focus on teaching skills is another strength of this education system. The study skills usually concentrate in a systematic manner which combines with regular testing. The combination drives the academic performance high.


Sixth form college offers total freedom of the students which assists in bridging the gap between the University and school correctly. In facts, at school teachers will follow you to get the work done but in the sixth form college, they won’t. Therefore, it depends on the students to keep their studies updated. How does that assist? Well, once you gain employment, it will be up to you to work appropriately and punctually. Independence of sixth form college ensures the students experience responsibility and autonomy of youth.

Course offered

The range of classes offered is the greatest difference between the school sixth form and the sixth form colleges. Most schools offer A-Levels and AS after your GCSEs. Are these course wrong? No. The courses are brilliant and highly respected by other Universities. However, they don’t tailor according to everyone requirements.


Sixth form college provides BTEC, vocational course, and Diplomas in addition to AS and A-Level courses. If you choose to go, both BTEC and Diplomas are also respected by many Universities. The classes are tough and have a more hands-on approach. In fact, they are the best for those who don’t intend to attend University.

Now that you know more about the benefits of enrolling a sixth form college, you need to plan how to attend. All these are benefits that you will enjoy, among others. Check out sixth forms in the Essex area and start your journey today!